Company Profile



Acadia is a successful investment manager, which has effectively pursued private, off-market investments since the founding principals organized their first investments in 1999. The managers of Acadia have significant investment experience and share a highly-specialized combination of skills, including fundamental real estate underwriting expertise, disciplined credit evaluation, proven restructuring capabilities and corporate finance experience together with superior capital markets acumen. A conservative, value-oriented approach to sourcing, evaluating and structuring transactions — coupled with a tolerance for complexity — permeates the Firm's investing philosophy.



  1. Given the turbulence in the market from the capital markets and deceptive investment advisors, Acadia understands the importance of stating and following core character values. Over the past eight years, Acadia has built its investment strategy on having investors in prior transactions invest in new opportunities. These values are:
    • - Integrity
    • - Alignment of Interests
    • - Capital Appreciation
    • - Accountability